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The Lord Will Arise Over You. And His Glory Will Be Seen Upon You.Isaiah 60:2
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  • Sister Alphonsa's canonization date to be decided on March 1
  • Sister Alphonsa becomes India's first woman saint
  • Postal stamp on Saint Alphonsa released - Nov 16, 2008
Saint Alphonsa

Saint Alphonsa was born on 19th August 1910 in an ancient Catholic family, called Muttathupadam in the village of Kudamaloor, Kottayam district, Kerala. She was the fourth child of Joseph and Mary. She was prematurely born and her mother died a few months after her birth. She was given the name Anna at her baptism. Annakutty had her primary education at a Catholic school at Arpookara, Kudamaloor. Later she was transferred to the Government school at Muttuchira. Annamma was a disciplinarian but she loved and cared for Annakutty. She planned to groom her into an accomplished homemaker. However young Annakutty who had read the biography of St. Therese of Lisieux yearned to become a saint.

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Alphonsa Academy
Grains Of Wheat, when ground in the mill, turn into flour. With this flour we make the wafer for the holy Eucharist. Similarly suffering so cruches us that we turn into better human beings.
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